Hurricane Property Damage

Source: InsuranceUSA

Answers to frequently made queries regarding hurricane-related property damage

Q: Do homeowners' insurance policies cover flooding?

A: Most floodings are NOT covered by homeowners' policies. You require a separate insurance policy exclusively pertaining to protection of property against flood to guard your home and properties against flood damage.

Q: Do automobile insurance policies cover flooding?

A: Yes, this is applicable if you have purchased comprehensive coverage. Otherwise, if you only have liability coverage, your vehicle is not insured for flooding.

Q: Can I purchase flood insurance if my property has been flooded in the past?

A: Yes, notwithstanding whether your home has been flooded before. However, there is a possibility that there is a 30-day delay before flooding is covered. Consult your insurance agent for details.

Q: Will federal disaster assistance pay for my flood damage?

A: You may be entitled to federal disaster assistance if your residence is in a federally declared disaster area.

Q: My neighbor's tree fell on my property and caused damage. Is the neighbor's homeowners' insurance company accountable for payment of my repairs?

A: Under normal circumstances, if your neighbor's healthy tree falls on any of your property, it is the responsibility of your insurance company to provide for the repairing cost for the damage. Your neighbor's insurer would commonly be only acknowledge liability and pay for the damage if the tree had been dead or weakened in such a way that the owner should have known it was dangerous before it fell.

Q: How soon does the insurance company have to pay me the money it owes me for the repairs to my property?

A: Sometimes you will receive a check soon the damage has occurred. However, an insurance company has a maximum of 30 days to pay your claim after you give them suitable confirmation of loss.

Q: If I am not content with the service that my insurance company has given me, how do I file a grievance with the Department of Insurance?

A: All complaints should be put forward in writing to the Department of Insurance of the state of your residence. Visit and go to Insurance In Your State for further details.