Insurance rates are not as low as they used to be but shopping for the best insurance coverage is a must. A lot depend on your driving record, age, and the amount of coverage you need in case of an accident or loss to your vehicle. Rates are higher for those that have a low credit rating but as your credit rating changes so will the premiums you will have to pay as well as having a good driving record.

Insurance companies offer discounts for having more than one vehicle or having your homeowner's insurance coverage with the same company and they have a wide range of coverage to suit your specific needs.

Before starting to shop for the cheapest auto insurance rate make a list of the necessary coverage you are looking for and consider the cost to replace your vehicle should you have an accident. You can choose to have a higher deductible amount this will lower your premium amount but also consider the deductible will have to be paid by you if you are in an accident.

Choose an insurance company that is reputable and easy to contact in case of an accident. Your insurance coverage is only as good as the company or agent. Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm, Hartford, etc, are companies that have been in business for a long time and will most likely be a good choice for cheapest auto insurance rates. Your premiums may start out high but will be reduced if you have coverage with them for a long period of time.
Online rate quotes are a good way to get started but for your specific needs, speaking with an agent in person or by phone is best. The agent can ask you questions and design a policy for your specific needs. The online quotes are questions in general for everyone but only an agent can give you a policy for your needs.