Switch Your Insurance Carrier

Source: Johathan Fields

I have recently purchased a homeowners policy through Allstate Insurance and they saved me $300.00 a year on house insurance. My old company had increased their rates every year for the past three, and I have never filed a claim on it. I didn't change the dimensions on my house or add anything to the property yet the insurance just continued to increase. Every year I have had to work with them to keep it down to where it was affordable. In 2007 I started looking elsewhere when they increased it from $500.00 to $800.00 a year and would not budge from their quote.

I didn't really know where to get a new quote so I called some local companies asking for quotes and through the internet I contacted an Allstate branch in my state and asked them for a quote. The quote that I was given through the local companies were considerably higher than the one from Allstate.

The people at Allstate were quick to get back to me and the coverage is more than what I had with my previous company. They made the switch very easy for me. I gave them the dates that I wanted coverage and I was assured that it would be done as I wanted. I also moved my auto insurance over to Allstate and saved a few dollars on that policy. Once again, I saw I had more coverage through Allstate on my auto than with the previous company, yet I'm paying less.

If you're looking for a homeowners policy or auto policy I would highly recommend a quote from Allstate. You can get it right over the internet. Per my request, due to my work schedule, everything was done by email and the US mail. I didn't have to go to their local office or meet them face to face. They allowed me to make a lump sum payment on my homeowners policy and make monthly payments on my auto. They do have options available for your convenience. They are easy to contact if you have questions. I have found their response time is either the same day or the next business day by internet, and if you have a question that can't wait they have numbers available for you to call.

Saving money is important when the cost of everything continues to increase. I would say $300.00 is a considerable amount of savings for one item.