Long Term Care

Source: Darrin

A new web site specialized on information on Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance has been launched by famous Frank N. Darras, a nation's leading disability and long-term care insurance lawyer, according to a press release.

I found the the new web site, http://www.darrasnews.com/ to have a variety of timely news articles to help define issues in disability and long-term care that affect people across America. The web site is easy to navigate and it has a comprehensive question and answer section that explain a variety of facets about different types of disability and long-term care insurance policies. It also has a News Section to keep up-to-date on Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance

In Darra's own words: "You can find sound advice that will help you make informed decisions when evaluating your current policies or purchasing insurance to cover you and your family, should the unthinkable happen,"

According to the press release Darras is famous for his determination and diligence, and has recovered more than a half billion dollars on behalf of the disadvantaged and disabled. The majority of his nationwide clients are disabled and/or elderly, often easy targets for unreasonable bad faith and wrongdoing on behalf of multinational corporations, the press release reports.

Darrasnews.com provides answers, which are key to empowerment when dealing with the complicated language of insurance, specifically catered to the Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance.

In most Long Term Disabilities policies, "disabled" is defined as having an illness or an injury that prevents you from performing the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation on a full-time basis with reasonable continuity. However, issues may arise and insurance companies may deny Long Term Disabilities benefits to people based on legalese that common people may not understand. This is where Web sites such as Darras' comes handy.

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