Insurance Scams

Source: Keith

I am currently on Social Security Disability Insurance and I have Cobra health coverage. If you have more than $2,000, including a retirement account you are not eligible for SSI or Social Security Income in addition to SSDI. Also, you are not eligible for Medicare until you have been on SSDI for two years.

Extension on COBRA Coverage

I had to get an extension on my COBRA coverage because I was still disabled and not yet eligible for Medicare. Recently my COBRA coverage increased from $237.00 per month to almost $350.00. The very next month it went up to close to $400.00.

Trying to get Health Insurance with a Pre-existing Condition

I tried searching the internet and was contacted by a guy from United Health Benefits of America. He let me know he could get me a plan through a nonprofit organization called IAB. I could get a prescription plan and dental coverage, doctor visits, hospitalization coverage even for $270.00 per month even though I had a pre-existing condition.

If it Sounds to good to be True, It is

After giving them my credit card number, I was sent a packet from IAB with no information about prescriptions and stated it was not health insurance, but rather a health plan. This made me suspicious. I called them and asked about being covered for a pre-existing condition. They let me know I would not be covered until I was on the plan for twelve months. I let them know Charlie from United Benefits told me I would be covered. I asked for the phone number for United Benefits. I was given multiple numbers and all were disconnected. The packet I received stated I could send it back within ten days if I decided I didn't want the coverage. Next I got another pamphlet about dental coverage and a little bit of information about prescription coverage.