Classic Car Insurance

Source: Tim Hunt

Classic car auto insurance can be more difficult to find in a standard car auto insurance company than traditional insurance. Finding classic car auto insurance at competitive rates can be even more difficult. In many cases, a person will have to locate a classic car auto insurance specialty company to insure his or her car with. It is especially helpful to choose a company that specializes in classic car auto insurance, because these companies may have a better understanding of the type of insurance necessary for a classic car. Some of these classic car auto insurance carriers can be found on the Internet.

There are several classic car auto insurance carriers that are available on the Internet, both for quotes and the purchase of auto insurance policies. The policies offered by these carriers may be more suitable for classic cars than those offered by traditional insurance companies. Hagerty is a classic car network that offers many different services for classic car owners, including classic car auto insurance.

Another classic car auto insurance carrier is American Collectors Insurance, which is said to be the leading provider of classic auto insurance and collectibles insurance in the United States. This company, and others like it, will work out and agreed value on a car with the insured. What this does is allows a classic car collector to keep a classic car in perfect condition, or restore it perfect condition, with the knowledge that his or her investment will be protected by that individual's insurance company. In contrast, many standard insurance companies will simply work out what they determined to be the blue book value of a car, whether it is classic or not, which may reduce the value of a classic car owners claim in the event something were to happen to his or her car.