Esurance Teams with Inweb

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Esurance links with Insweb


Esurance Inc., a direct online personal auto insurance company, announced that it is now partnering with InsWeb's online insurance marketplace as an additional provider of auto insurance coverage for InsWeb consumers. InsWeb customers who choose Esurance now have the option to buy policies and manage their accounts online through the Esurance Web site, the company said.


Insweb is dedicated to providing a broad array of choice to consumers and Esurance Ins

gives Insweb a strong brand that complements the other products. 


An Esurance spokesperson said no up-front fees were paid by either party to the agreement, but that "we're paying them on a cost-per-policy basis. Esurance Insurance has grown dramatically in recent years through aggressive direct advertising and a national TV campaign featuring Erin a cartoon character.  Esurance offers low priced car  insurance and competes directly with Geico Insurance.