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Am I Covered Under Roommate's Renters Insurance?

Sharing rooms has become common among many students and office going people who are based in different places, away from their hometown. Selecting a compatible roommate and a good accommodation is always considered to be a problem. However there are certain policies that are referred to as renter's insurance policies that are specifically designed for single individual families and also many traditional families. Hence, when two unrelated persons share a residence, there are many complications developed relating to the coverage of the insurance policy. There are different insurance laws, in different states, while the insurance policies also vary from one company to another. There are certain factors that all insurance companies try to maintain and this includes the maintenance of separate renter's insurance policy to cover the personal property insurance. It is always recommended that you create an inventory of your possessions so that a proper evaluation of all the assets are maintained, so that there is no question about the fact, that which insurance covers which of your items, in case you are required to file a claim. In such cases it becomes very necessary to maintain an inventory of all the assets of the household. 


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