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Eagle Insurance has the best auto insurance rates in Chicago and I have had my Honda insured with them for 8 years now.

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Eagle Insurance

EAGLE INSURANCE is an auto insurance agency that has served the Chicago market since 1961. Eagle auto insurance is famous for very low auto insurance rates and aggresively markets its services and is famous for Eagle Man, an actor in an eagle costume.



The best known, of the Eagle Insurance ads was created in 1993 where two young women are riding in an car when they suddenly hear a loud noise manating from the back of their car. Having no vehicle insurance, they realize they have been visited by EAGLE INSURANCE, who speaks in a slow, deep voice and proclaims, "I've ... got ... something ... for ... you!" He then squats down and inexplicably lays an egg, out of which hatches a puppet. The chick presents a piece of paper listing Eagle's vehicle insurance rates, and the women exclaim in unison, "Oooh, look at those low rates!" An announcer then provides a detailed description of all of Eagle Insurance's services.


Clearly this unusual marketing effort by EAGLE INSURANCE has lead to their growth over the years. EAGLE INSURANCE can provide customers with instant insurance rates and also can provide quick SR 22s. EAGLE INSURANCE also can provide customers with MEXICAN auto insurance.


EAGLE INSURANCE has been rated a 5 star customer service insurance provider. EAGLE INSURANCE can get customers the auto coverage they need at rates that are very cheap.


EAGLE INSURANCE knows that many people are on a tight budget. EAGLE INSURANCE offers payment plans along with the everday low auto insurance rates so customers have many options when buying EAGLE AUTO INSURANCE.

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