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I got a great insurance rate on my classic 1966 Corvette thanks to Hagerty Insurance. The rates are low and the service is just great.

Cov:3 Cost1 Serv:3 Claim:1

Posted by: Allen

Hagerty Insurance



Hagerty Insurance services is based in Traverse City, Michigan.  Hagerty Insurance Agency initially started as a basicl lines insurance agency about 40 years ago.  Hagerty Insurance was the main core business but wooden boats and collector cars were the passion at HAGGERTY INSURANCE.



HAGGERTY INSURANCE long ago saw a need for specialty insurance and ithus in 1983 established a revolutionary Agreed Value policy for classic boat owners.  The launch was such a success that in 1991, HAGERTY INSURANCE launched specialty insurance for collector car owners. 


Today HAGERTY INSURANCE is the leading insurance agency for collector cars and boats in the United States. HAGERTY INSURANCE also offers Hagerty Plus with 250,000 members which is the largest and most proactive community of collector car enthusiasts in the United States.


Hagerty Insurance knows what customers want and need.  HAGGERTY INSURANCE offers many special insurance features including:



- Agreed Value insurance coverage

- Single liability charge no matter how large your collection*

- Low insurance premiums

- Flexible usage insurance

- Fast claim service

- Repairs at the shop of your choice

- Emergency roadside Insurance

- Special discounts

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