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Horace Mann Insurance
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Company: Horace Mann Insurance

I called Harace Mann and they gave me a great rate on my Toyota Celica. I think their service is great and I would reccomend Horace Mann Insurance.

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Posted by: Steve

Horace Mann Insurance




Horace Mann Insurance was founded in 1945.  Today, while Horace Mann offers insurance policies to most eligible drivers, they are especially devoted to providing affordable auto insurance coverage to teachers across the country.  There are presently more than 220,000 educators who rely on auto insurance from Horace Mann.



Auto Insurance Coverage Options Available from Horace Mann. HORACE MAN INSURANCE provides auto coverage plans that will cover you and your family.  There are several car insurance options, including:



- Liability Coverage


- Uninsured motorist Coverage


- Collision coverage


- Comprehensive Coverage


- Personal Protection Coverage


- Roadside assistance


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