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I just cancelled my auto insurance policy with Geico and now I am insured with La Salle insurance and the rates are just so low, thanks LaSalle Insurance.

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Posted by: Sherry

LaSalle Insurance




LaSalle Insurance has an insurance policy sure to meet your demanding needs.  LaSalle Insurance understands life is unpredictable but at LaSalle Insurance you can get your family and valuables protected. 



LaSalle independent insurance professionals can help create a precise plan and show  areas where you might need additional coverage. LaSalle Insurance is not affiliated with any one particular insurance company.  LasSalle Insurance therefore provides unbiased recommendations.


All Insurance products that are marketed by LaSalle Insurance Services, a division of LaSalle Financial Services, Inc. a Licensed Insurance Agency, are not insured by the FDIC.

LaSalle Insurance can help you get insurance from some of the top insurance producers nationally.  LaSalle Insurance combination of great products backed by top level customer care is its advantage.

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