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I'm an independent financial planner in New Jersey and a key part of financial planning is of course to have the right type and amount of life insurance at the right cost. Thankfully I found out about Reliastar Life Insurance Company. Reliastar Life Ins, which was acquired by ING several years ago, does business in New York as Reliastar of New York, and fits the bill for a lot of my clients. They have permanent and term products that are all good on their own, but when I create a portfolio of insurance and present it to my clients, it is always the Reliastar Life Insterm that stands out. When a client needs a term policy, which is plain vanilla insurance - if you die, your beneficiary gets money - the first thing they look at is the cost. The other thing they need to look at is the financial strength of the institution they're purchasing insurance from. They may get something dirt cheap, but if it's from a company that goes out of business, they haven't saved anything. ING's Reliastar subsidiaries have AA ratings from S+P, which is very strong. The actual cost of the insurance is very competitive in the current marketplace. What is even better for my clients is that Reliastar Insurance is hungry for business and the ratings that they issue clients at are better then many other companies. This is very significant when it comes to the price the client pays. For example, if a client is rated preferred elsewhere and paying 650 for one million of coverage, they may be able to pay 450 for the same exact coverage because they've gotten a better rating. The next thing to look at is what options will I have at the end of my term, whether it's 10,15,20 or 30 years. Every term policy that they sell can be converted, without a new medical, into a permanent policy at any point in the life of the policy. Many companies only allow that up to a certain year in the term of the policy, for example year 10 of a 20 year term. What that means is the client has time to decide what they want to do, whether they want to keep their insurance in force forever or not. In addition to selling their policies, I myself am a client of theirs. Their term product is a solid fit for myself and many of my clients and has become a cornerstone of the service I provide to my them. I would highly recommend RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE CO it to everyone.

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Posted by: Don F

Reliastar Insurance





RELIASTARINSURANCE Insurance is famous for quality low priced life insurance.  Reliastar Life Insurance is popular because customers get so much for their life insurance dollar.  Customers can choose from many RELIASTARINSURANCE life insurance products including:



Reliastar Term Life Insurance


Reliastar Universal Life Insurance


Reliastar Variable Life Insurance


At RELIASTARINSURANCE the policy owner can request payment of up to 25% of the eligible death benefit, not to exceed $250,000.   Included with no extra premium RELIASTARINSURANCE  policy may be converted to select cash value policies issued by an ING Life Insurance Company, without evidence of insurability during the guarantee period of the policy, not to exceed age 75 (age 80 for ING ROP Term).


Also available with RELIASTARINSURANCE with an extra premium. Pays in addition to the base policy death benefit in the event of the accidental death of the insured. Benefit amount is up to the face amount of the base policy or a maximum of $300,000 on any one life (includes any ADB already in force). Issue ages are 18-60. Expires on the policy anniversary nearest the insured's 65th birthday. Please email or call for details or premium rates.


In recent yrears RELIASTARINSURANCE has partnered with ING and the two companies are a powerful force in the insurance market.  RELIASTARINSURANCE continues to innovate and grow. 


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