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"We were quoted one price and after all of the medical tests were completed were sent a bill or invoice for several hunded dollars a year more than what was quoted. Banner Life Insurance Company is running quite a sham." 2008-03-25

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Posted by: Jill

Banner Insurance


Banner Life Insurance Company has been in business for over 50 years.  Banner Life Insurance started in 1949 as the Government Employees Life Insurance Company or GELICO.  BANER INSURANCE has a very long and proud history and years later is a leader in the life insurance marketplace. 

In 1981 BANER INSURANCE was acquired by Legal and General Group.    Banner Life Insurance then became a wholly owned subsidiary.   In 1983 a name change was initiated and Banner Life Insurance was chosen. 

Banner Life Insurance products include:

Banner term life insurance

Banner universale life insurance

Banner variable life insurance

BANER INSURANCE can assist you with free quotes.  Compare rates now and save. 

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