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Fred Loya is a name I trust and they helped me save over $250 a year on my car insurance

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Posted by: Jose

Fred Loya Insurance


FREDLOYA INSURANCE  has been providing quality low cost insurance for more than 30 years.  FREDY LOYA INSURANCE was created in 1974 by FRED LOYA in a small office in El Paso Texas.  Today Fred Loya Insurance has over 100 offices in Texas and California and the company just keeps on growing.  FREDLOYA INSURANCE has been recognized as one of the top 500 Hispanic businesses nationwide.

FREDLOYA INSURANCE can design an auto insurance policy to meet your specific needs.  Fredy Loya Insurance can also set up convenient payment plans for the budget minded customer. 

FREDLOYA INSURANCE prides itself in outstanding customer service and integrity.   FREDY LOYA INSURANCE offers free quotes online. 

Get your quote today and compare rates.

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