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Company: Matrix Direct Insurance

I am a first time shopper of Life Insurance and I was lucky to have found out about Matrix Direct Insurance. I was able to get the coverage I needed at rates that were very fair, thanks Matrix Direct.

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Posted by: Andrew

Matrix Direct Insurance

MATRIXDIRECT Insurance Company


Matrix Direct Insurance was founded in 1995 as customers gave feedback that they wanted a better  way to purchase TERM LIFE INSURANCE.  Although it should be simple fiding low rate TERM LIFE INSURANCE the process for many consumers was confusing and frustrating. 



MATRIXDIRECT INSURANCE took the confusion out of the term life insurance buying process.  MATRIX offers a simple and easy way to get free TERM LIFE INSURANCE quotes and MATRIX educates consumers on the various types of life insurance so consumers can make an educated choice. 


MATRIXDIRECTgrowth has been tremendous and over one million people have found quality TERM LIFE INSURANCE through MATRIXDIRECT


MATRIX has partnered with leading insurance firms to give the selection and prce customers demand.  MATRIXDIRECT INS is an appointed agent for nine top insurance companies. 


MATRIXDIRECT INS may be able to save customers up to 75% off their current TERM LIFE insurance policy.  Get a free quote today and save.



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