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Freedom Insurance saved me when I had no money for auto insurance. Freedom Ins set up a payment plan I could afford and a very low down payment. I give Freedom insurance an A+

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Posted by: Jerry

Freedom Insurance


FREEDOMINSURANCE is a leader in providing quality low priced insurance products.  Freedom Insurance Agency was created in 1979 and now has a full line of insurance including Auto, Home, Life and business insurance.  FREEDOMINSURANCE was created to give consumers better choice and also provide outstanding personal insurance. 

Freedom Insurance continues to grow and FREEDOMINSURANCE wants to be your choice for all your insurance needs.  Freedom Insurance knows you have a choice in making insurance purchasing decisions and FREEDOM INSURANCE is proud to represent thousands of satisfied customers for over 25 years. 

FREEDOMINSURANCE continues to thrive and FREEDOMINSURANCE plans on being one of the top Independent insurance agencies for many years to come. 

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