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Guardian Life Insurance has been around forever and that is one of the reasons I chose them for my life insurance plan. Guardian Life Ins has fair rates and outstanding customer service.

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Guardian Life Insurance




Guardian Life Insurance was established by Mr.  Hugo Wesendonck in 1860.  Guardian Life Insurance originally was named Germania Life Insurance company with initial offices in New York city. 


Guardian Life Insurance has had explosive growth through the years and in the formative years GUARDIAN Life Insurance started opening up regional offices all over the United States.  Guardian Life Insurance began offering life insurance to customers in areas before they even became states.  With this long tradition of sevice GUARDIANLIFE Insurance is a name that has earned a golden reputation. 




Guardian Life Insurance in 1868 became the first USA insurance firm to start an insurance agency in Europe giving GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE a truly Global presence. 


GUARDIANLIFE business expanded quickly and by the early 1900s nearly half of revenues came from outside the Unites States.  In 1917 Guardian Life Ins officially changed its name to The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.  In 1925, Guardian changed from a mixed stock and mutual company to a fully mutual company.  As a result Guardian Life has no stockholders or private owners.


Today Guardian Life Insurance is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States.  As of December 31, 2007, Guardian Life Insurance had assets of $41.3 billion.  GUARDIANLIFE maintains 3,000 financial representatives and 80 agencies nationally.  


Guardian Mutual Life Insurance also offers investment services and planning.  Guardian Life Insurance will continue to grow and thrive in the new century. 


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