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Summary: I had this Farmers insurance for one year, happy that I never had to make a claim as I can only imagine what a disaster that would have been. After my first year with Farmers, my insurance was hiked up by $93.50 even though my car was one year older, I hadn't made a single claim, and had not received so much as a parking ticket. I shopped around for new insurance, easily found companies that offered better insurance (added uninsured motorist protection and brought my deductible down from $1,250 to $500) for about $100 less than what I had been paying, meaning a savings of $200 from my new six-month rate with Farmers. So I switched. Problem is that my agent at Farmers has so far not allowed me to cancel my policy with them. Avoid Bridget L. Kemahli of Tukwila, WA and everyone at her office at all costs. Also, do not set up automatic payments where Farmers deducts money from your checking account. Getting this shut off has proven to be a nightmare. After a string of phone calls and faxes, stretching back nearly two months, they continue to charge me for this insurance that I canceled. Worst of all, Bridget L. Kemahli and everyone at her office tries to sell me more insurance each time I call. After yet again making it clear that I want to cancel my policy, each call ends with them assuring me that they will refund my money, yet two months later the withdrawals continue. I am now pursuing this with my bank, disputing these charges. What a waste time! In short, both Bridget L. Kemahli and Farmers charges too much for their insurance and know nothing about retaining customers (except against their will).

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Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance


Farmers Insurance is a group of company which provides a wide range of products and services. It is a very reputed group and is running successfully for the last 80 years.

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies was founded in 1928 when Farmers Insurance Exchange, an automobile insurer, was formed. As customer demand for additional insurance services increased, the Fire Insurance Exchange and Truck Insurance Exchange were established for home and commercial insurance needs. Today, the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is the country's third-largest writer of both private passenger automobile and homeowners insurance.

From its very inception, the Farmers Insurance has made its own niche in providing wide range insurance coverage of highest quality to the people of America.

This organization was set up by two enterprising person in Los Angeles named John Tyler and Thomas Leavey. Their first product was Farmers Automobile Insurance Exchange and was launched in Los Angeles.

These entrepreneurs had a family background of farming community and thus were very much conversant with the rural lifestyle. They had observed that the people in the country sides drove their vehicles slowly and were thus safe drivers with less chance of accident.

But on the other hand the urban riders were more adventurous while hitting the gas and hence are more prone to accidents. So, they perceived that forwarding auto insurances to low risk drivers would be beneficial to them because there is more chance that they don't have to reimburse insured amounts to them.

Farmers Insurance is distinguished for its highly professional and dynamic attitude. The agents associated with the Farmers Insurance are trained on a regular basis for keeping pace with the highly dynamic world of Insurance.

Farmers Insurance is also committed in providing cutting edge technology to its agents so that they could provide highest level of service to the customers without any delay.

Farmers Insurance provides all support to its agents for marketing and sales purposes. They get all necessary tools and subsidy from the company for their own advertisement and business development. The agents of Farmers Insurance are also entitled to get all the insurance facilities of the company.

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