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ESURANCE REVIEW This would be a negative 10 stars if that were possible for Esurance Absolutely just horrible! Esurance is a total $%&%^ joke, especially when you get into an accident. Do not get Esurance period. Where do I start? ... The ESURANCE website is the only user-friendly feature of the company. Easier to use than most other insurance websites (especially highly reputable ones), Esurance snags people in with instant quotes and instant policy. It actually takes a few business days to take effect, but it's so easy. They are good at filing SR-22's, but it seems to end there. The real test of an insurance company is when you get into an accident. For this, Esurance gets an F-minus. When a drunk driver totaled my car, I got someone on the line to report the accident, but I found that there were very few repair shops work with Esurance. Also, I gave the other party's information to Esurance, but they seemed to be very slow in getting a hold of the other insurance company. Eventually, the insurance company got a hold of me, but it seems they got my information from the police report of the incident. As for the settlement, they are real super low-baller's. They go way below fair market value and they also factor the insured's deductible to give an insultingly low sum. I had to fight with Esurance quite a few times to get a better settlement (and these were the people who were supposed to be fighting for me). They only refunded the deductible when they actually settled with the DUI's insurance company. Subrogation - ESURANCE seems seem ineffective in recovering the several hundred dollars I paid in out of pocket costs for the car rentals. It's too early to tell, but I wonder if anything will materialize in the next 2 and a half years. I just canceled my policy with them. They slapped me with a cancellation fee - how dumb is this? $50 to cancel? Give me a break. When they asked me why I was going over to another insurance agency, I tried to keep it positive. Since they insisted on pushing the questioning, I frankly told them I wanted to go with a better, more reputable insurance company. They suck. I wouldn't even tell my worst enemy to get insured by them.

Cov:5 Cost3 Serv:3 Claim:5

Posted by: Rosie

Esurance Insurance

Einsurance Co


Einsurance is one of Americas fastest growing insurance companies. 

Esurance has seemingly come from nowhere to challenge the two large online auto insurance firms Geico and Progressive Insurance.  Esurance has achieved great results by providing a simple yet advanced website where customers can not only get free ESURANCE QUOTES but also buy their policy online. 



Esurance makes the buying process easy.  Einsurance customers can even print their Insurance ID line online and also a popular feature ESURANCE has that many others do not is you can actually see repairs in real time with ESURANCE E Star.


Esurance has spent millions promoting its Einsurance website via catchy TV comercials that feature Erin, a cartoon like customer.


Einsurance was founded in 1998 and first used the name of Silicon Sierra Insurance.

Esurance launched its website in December of 1999 and the Einsurance WEBSITE proved to be a hit with insurance shoppers and it quickly propelled ESURANCE to amazing growth. 


ESURANCE INSURANCE caught the eye of White Mountain Insurance and eventually ESURANCE was acquired by White Mountain. 


Today Einsurance is a Multi Billion insurance firm and has a strategic partnership with


The future looks great for Esurance Insurance. .com