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I have had Kemper Auto Insurance for about a year now. So far I am happy with it. I think a will stay with Kemper Insurance for another year. Kemper Ins has one of the cheapest rates on the market for both full insurance coverage and liability. There is a Kemper agent in my area and he assisted me very well with the completion of the application. Even now, every time I have questions the agency assists me very well. In my policy uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with bodily injury limit 20,000 40,000 was included. It made the premium about $50 cheaper. So far, I did not have any accidents or injuries and I cannot tell how well Kemper assists its customer in case of serious injury or property damage. Twice, in this year I had a glass claim. During the winter my front windshield was damaged from stones falling from the behind of trucks. The first time, it was on the driver side and the second time on the passenger side. The damage was not big and the windshield had to be repaired. I called Kemper and in both cases I got an appointment after two days. First time the representative told me that the service would arrive between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. The service arrived at 1:30 p.m. I was really upset. After couple of days Kemper called me and asked me about my satisfaction regarding to the repair they provided on my windshield. The glass was repaired very well and fast. The only thing that bothered me was that the service was late. The next time I called Kemper for an appointment the representative gave me the same time range as before. I told her again that last time the service was very late. The second time the service arrived at 8:30 a.m. I think Kemper took into consideration my complaint. When I called for an appointment I could also choose when I want my glass to be repaired at home or at workplace. I came to the US 15 years ago and since one year I have an American driving license. A lot of insurance companies did not accept people if they have an American driving incense not long enough, for example three or five years or have very high rates for them. This is not a case at Kemper auto insurance. When I applied at Kemper I just obtained my American driving license few days before.

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Posted by: Daniel

Kemper Insurance

KEMPERS INSURANCE under parent Unitrin Insurance Services, Inc., is a $3 billion, publicly traded NYSE-firm.



Kemper Insurance Services markets and sells auto, homeowners and other personal lines property and casualty insurance.


also has a strong business segment that is growing very fast.  Kempers Business Insurance segment, whose predecessors go back to 1926, was acquired by Unitrin in 2002 from Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company.


Unitrin today still uses and markets the KEMPERS INSURANCE brand name and has no intention of eliminating the KEMPERS INSURANCE name. 


Today, KEMPERS INSURANCE proudly works along side over 2,500 independent agents who provide customers with a choice of insurance companies, policies and insurance programs designed to meet their individual needs. Its policyholders number more than 755,000 nationwide.


All of Kemper's Insurance underwriting companies are rated (excellent) by A.M. Best, the insurance industry's most trusted rating authority.


Kemper  Products

Kemper's products are created for convenience and busy lifestyles. Kemper Insurance  most popular product is Package Plus.  This combines several coverages - auto, home, jewelry, boat, collectibles, identity theft or other Kemper coverage- into one policy with one bill. The clear advantage of Package Plus is flexible protection, more coverage, better rates and it helps eliminate gaps in coverage.


KEMPERS INSURANCE automobile coverage offers very competitive rates, awesome service and several optional enhancements. Whether a vehicle is leased or owned, KEMPERS INSURANCE can provide the right coverage to keep customers on the road.




When it comes to a your biggest investment- look at KEMPERS INSURANCE. 


KEMPERS INSURANCE helps customers make sure their home and contents are fully protected. the company has many creative coverage options that may be added to standard homeowners insurance.


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