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I have been a customer of State Farm Auto Insurance now for ten years, my husband used them when we got married and I just went ahead and insured my vehicle with them. I was unsure of State Farm Ins I had heard many people say they raised the rates or dropped you if you had an accident. In our case this has never happened. My husband had two accidents one his fault and one that wasn't. He also had a couple of speeding tickets(until I told him either drive the limit or pay the higher rates the rest of your life. Like a good husband he listened to my wisdom.) The insurance went up after his two speeding tickets, but not outrageously like I assumed around a two hundred more every 6 months(which was enough) It also was raised after the accident that was his fault, but this only lasted for three years and then his insurance went down again. Mine was not raised. To make our coverage easier to handle we have a 500.00 deductible which decreased the insurance quite a bit, we also got rid of the other little niceties like rental car. If you are not able to afford to rent a car while yours is in the shop I would keep this option. Our insurance coverage breaks down like this. Liability Bodily injury 15,000/30,000(note we also have very good medical coverage) Property damage 25,000 500.00 deductible Comprehensive 500.00 deductible collision Uninsured motor vehicle(for people that cause an accident harming our vehicle or ourselves and have no insurance) bodily injury15,000/30,000 property damage 25,000 The amount we pay is reduced by these perks Multiple Line(our house is insured with them) 26.53 Multiple vehicle 50.71 Accident Free 33.75 On my husband Ford Ranger the total is 263.38 for six months coverage. Mine is a little higher for the Minivan about 25.00 more. If we have a windshield broken there is no deductible it is fixed one hunderd percent. I know this because it happened. Another thing that I like about STATEFARM is about 6 times out of the ten years we have had coverage their have been rebate checks sent out when State Farm has a good year. This year we received around 75.00 between the two vehicles. That may not seem like much but in a state(SC) where vehicle insurance is high anyway, every little bit in my pocket is a perk. I would recommend State Farm 100%. There agents have a local office and customer service is great. I would surely recommend State Farm

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Posted by: Mildred

State Farm Insurance

StateFarm INS is a major US Insurance company



State Farm is one of the top 5 insurance companies in the U.S. StateFarm INS is the nation's largest insurer of homes and insures one out of every five cars. Clearly STATE FARMS is a goliath in the insurance market.


STAE FARM also insures more than 1 million pleasure boats. State Farm also offers banking services and mutual funds to customers, creating a truly dynamic financial services firm.


State Farm Insurance services has over 76 million policies and accounts in force and has over 17,000 insurance agents. STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE currently has over 40 million auto insurance policies nationwide.


STATE FARM OFFICES: Claims Offices: 391 State Farm claim offices serve policyholders companywide. 30,600


STATE FARM Employees : almost half of State Farm's work force -- deal with claims in some fashion. Fast claim processing is why many people trust STATE FARM for their home and auto insurance. Simpily STATE FARM is a name people trust.


STATE FARM Operations Centers: STATE FARM currentyl has 24 operations centers in 13 zones have staffs that underwrite insurance policies, process claims, and oversee the companies business in their areas.


STATE FARM REVENUE: In 2007, State Farm had total revenues of $61.6 billion, up from $60.5 billion in 2006. Net income was $5.46 billion. This was the fifth consecutive year of profit for State Farm, following two years of significant losses after natural disasters hurt the STATE FARM bottom line.


State Farm Insurance Corporation was founded in 1922 by George Mecherele a farmer living in Bloomington, IL. Mecherle wanted to create a company that would offer auto insurance to farmers at better rates.


StateFarm is not publicly-traded but is a mutual insurance company owned by policy holders.


STATE FARM Benefits: State Farm has employees nationwide with 25 operations centers in 13 regional zones with staffs that underwrite insurance policies, process claims and oversee the business in their areas. Benefits include medical and dental insurance coverage, life insurance, accident insurance as well as 401 (k) and retirement plans.


State Farm offers employees a competitive salary along with annual bonus potential and rewards for meeting business objectives.


Full-time employees are eligible for paid vacation according to their years of service. The vacation year runs from June 1 through May 31.


Employees with: 1-4 years of service get 10 vacations days; 5-14 years of service get 15 vacation days: 15-19 years get 20 days; 20-24 years get 25 days; and over 30 years of service earn 30 days a year.


Other time off benefits include:


- Seven paid holidays per year
- Three personal days a year
- Time off for funerals, government obligations, doctor or dentist appointments.
- One paid workday to participate in activities benefiting a local school system.
- Paid sick leave
- Paid adoption leave
- Leave of absence
- Military leave
- Paid time off bank for part-time eligible employees.


Like an enormous corporation, StateFarm is everywhere. The leading US personal lines property/casualty company (by premiums), State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is the #1 provider of auto insurance. It also is the leading home insurer and offers non-medical health and life insurance through its subsidiary companies. Its products are marketed via some 17,000 agents in the US and Canada. Competition has increased with the fall of barriers between the banking, securities, and insurance industries. State Farm's efforts to diversify include a federal savings bank charter (State Farm Bank) that offers consumer and business loans through its agents and by phone, mail, and the Internet.


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