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Humana is by far the worst insurance company I've ever had coverage with. The first time I got a prescription from Humanas Insr covered list I received a letter threatening to not cover the cost unless I got my Doctor to explain to them why I needed the medication. My oldest son turned 19 and they dropped him with out informing us, just assuming he was not in college. On one medication they refused to cover a double dose. Humana Insurance required reams of documentation from my Doctors as to justify and after 5 1/2 weeks they denied it claiming it wasn't approved by the FDA. They could have said me the frustration and told me that up front. I have fought with my Doctors to justify this, made them fill out tons of paper work. Humana must have known they would turn it down, but still made me go throught the process. Now I am reluctant to ask my Doctors to ever do something like this again. I think Humana has made their point. Try and use my insurance and we will hassle you every step of the way until you just stop.

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Posted by: Andy

Humana Insurance Company

HUMANNA INSURANCE is one of the nation's largest health benefits companies.


Humana Ins has over 7 million medical members located if offers Health insurance coverage and the services. HUMANNA INSURANCE provides a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of the people and the small businesses. And their products include dental, disability, life insurances.



Humana Ins provides health benefits through smart suite and smart express. In smart suite, HUMANNA INSURANCE offers full replacement health coverage with consumer directed plan that offers smart choices for the employers and employees. Smart express is specially designed for the business with less number of employees to control and have predictions to the health costs.


HUMANNA INSURANCE is a recognized leader in areas of innovative illness and chronic disease intervention programs for its members and use of its technology to streamline its operations and to make doing businesses with Humana easier, simple, and more satisfying to all the customers. Humana Insurance offers wide range of products to the individuals, employer groups, government sponsored plans. Coverage avenues include:


Humana's coverage options fall under Humana's one product suite. Its plans are designed to provide flexible, reliable coverage, enhanced by the features typically available only through group options. Products provided by HUMANNA INSURANCE.


Humana Individual Health Insurance: It offers coverage for the single person. It is relatively easy to offer has it has only one individual. In this it has two options i.e. for the individual and for groups most of the people go for group because it saves money.


Humana Short Term Health Insurance: It provides comprehensive health Insurance from one to twelve months. Since short term insurance is online anyone can for it in a feasible way. It provides health insurance coverage with wide range of medical services which include prescriptions, x-ray and laboratory services, physician services and inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Short term insurance can protect people from unexpected illness or injury.


Humana Business Health Insurance:  This includes both group and the small businesses; here it provides health insurance resources which are required for group health insurances in small businesses. Humana Insurance offers all kind of health coverage to the businesses to meet their needs.


HUMANNA INSURANCE: There are so many types of family and individual dental health insurances. Standard dental insurance has options such has Home and Pop, in Home people need to choose one dentist or dental group to take care of the dental problems. In Pop people need to choose from list of different dentists from that area.


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