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"I've been with Erie INSURANCE for about 10 years. The highest I ever paid in insurance was $1200, when I was 21. Last year's policy was $1059. This year, my policy was to renew...for $1328. I have had no accidents, no tickets, no claims - EVER - in all the time I have been with them. The reason for the hike is that they re-designed their rating system and that is where I fall in their "system." My ERIE INSURANCE AGENT called the home office, and they told him I am low risk and a great customer but there was nothing they could do to lower my rate due to "state regulations." They did the same thing to my parents who had been with them for 30 years. I'm moving to a different insurance company for a $900 a year rate for the same exact coverage." I think Erie Insurance has Reasonable rates; great helpful agents and prompt service"

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Posted by: Thomas

Erie Insurance


Erie Insurance Group which is traded on the nasdaq under the ERIEINSURANCE symbol is a full service multi-line insurance company.  ERIEINSURANCE provides auto and home insurance and also commercial and life insurance.  Erie Insurance is now the second largest insurer of vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania.

Erie Insurance is mainly sold through a network of independent insurance agents.

ERIE's INSURANCE geographic coverage extends to 11 states and the Washington DC.

Erie Insurance History

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department issued a license to the ERIEINSURANCE Exchange as an AUTO INSURER in 1925.  Soon after on April 20, 1925 operations officiallly began.

Erie Insurance Exchange was formed as a reciprocal and Erie Indemnity Company was formed as its managing company. The annual premium charge per auto was $34. The founding purpose of the company was the same as it is today: "To provide our policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible and to do so at the lowest possible cost."

In 1940 ERIE INSURANCE COMPANY added a new Insurance line - fire insurance- allowing independent agents to more fully depend on ERIEINSURANCE to fulfill the wide insurance needs of their valued customers. In September, 1967 the Erie Family Life Insurance Company was founded adding ERIE LIFE INSURANCE to the protection offered by ERIE Agents.

Today ERIEINSURANCE continues to grow and thrive and is one of Pennsylvania's most respected companies.

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