Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual insurance has been providing excellent insurance products to Americans for almost 100 years now. The company was founded in 1912 and quickly grew adding regional offices across the United States while increasing its
product base to meet the changing demands of customers. Today the company
is still headquartered in Boston where it was founded and has annual
revenues exceed $70 billion and Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 500 company.


There are 3 main units that make up the mutual corporation. The first one
is Liberty mutual insurance company which offers the personal insurance
lines including Liberty auto insurance and home insurance. The second unit
is Liberty mutual fire insurance company. The third unit is Employers
Mutual insurance company. The motto of Liberty mutual is helping people
live safer more secure lives.


Liberty mutual is poised for future growth as it enters new markets. Get a
free quote today and compare Liberty Mutual insurance. The average savings
are over 40% and it only takes about 5 minutes.