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Aetna has always paid claims on time and is the most trustworthy insurance company I know.

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Aetna Insurance

ETNA INSURANCE is one of the leaders in health care and dental pharmacy, providing many kinds of long term and care benefits to all the customers. The main aim of the company has always been to provide health and financial benefits to all its clients. Benefits can be provided to all people, with the help of safe and easy access, along with cost effective, high quality health care services to all the customers, in order to protect their finances from the different health related risks.

We have a dedicated team of people, who help people in the achievement of health and financial security. There are around 50 states, to which Aetna is said to be providing health related benefits, along with providing them with enough resources so that they are well informed about the health related problems. Our main aim has always been customer satisfaction, with the help of our large number of innovative products, along with health care benefits.

ETNA INSURANCE has a rich heritage of 150 years, and will soon be a leader with a large number of doctors, hospitals, patients, and public officials, taking care of the public health system.

Health Care

Health and dental plans are often placed under the health care facilities, and are usually offered on a risk basis as well as employer-funded basis. In case of risk basis, the company assumes most of the responsibility, of the health and insurance, whereas in case of employer - funded basis, the sponsor is under an administrative services contract, and assumes majority of this risk.

Group ETNA INSURANCE refers to a renewable kind of contract, in which the amount that is required to be paid may be fixed or linked to the wage level of the individuals. There is a special kind of insurance that is referred to as a Group disability insurance that provides employee income replacement benefits, for short term as well as long-term benefits. There are many insurance companies that provide long term and custodial care benefits in a nursing home, adult care homes as well as in home settings.

Large Case Pensions

Large Case Pensions are known to be managing many retirement products that are primarily meant to provide you with benefits, and of contribution plans. There are contracts that provide you with non-guaranteed as well as guaranteed investment options, with separate account products. There are many health care products, that are fully insured and self-funded, that includes HMO, PPO, and Pharmacy, Vision, and all the health plans that provide you with reimbursement programs. On 31st March 2006, there ETNA INSURANCE was able to cover as many as 15.4 million medical members. There is also a dental coverage of 13.3 million members, providing insurance against group life and accidental death and personal loss, along with long term and short-term disability.

ETNA INSURANCE Products and Programs:

There are a large number of products and programs that are offered by ETNA INSURANCE, that is mainly aimed at improving the quality of health care, disease management, patient safety programs, and other kinds of information that is related to disability. We provide all our customers, access to a number of health care tools, that are quite easy to understand, and can also help you in making better decisions relating to all your health care and financial well being. We are the first health insurer who forms a consumer dedicated health plan, and continues to lead the way with the help of a number of products that include HAS, HRA and RRA options. All these benefits are provided to our customers in around 50 states, with the products targeted to small mid sized and large multi site national employers.

More About Aetna

ETNA INSURANCE is a diversified, health benefit Company that is known to be providing a large number of traditional and consumer related health products, along with a large number of medical facilities that includes medical, pharmacy, health, group life and long-term medical health.

The company had issued its first medical insurance life policy in the year 1850, after thirty years of coming into business.

It was in the year 1996 that ETNA INSURANCE merged with US Healthcare, and became one of the eleven companies to be earning a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index in 2002.This was also maintained in the following years of 2003 and 2004.