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I've had an excellent experience with Allstate even though Allstate is not my insurance carrier. Last year during the holidays while I was shopping at the mall for gifts, the car that parked next to me hit my car when they were pulling in. I've been shopping for a couple hours and found a note on the vehicle when I came out. I had some damage my car so I had to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance carrier which was Allstate. The claims process is easy, the reps were positive in terms of their attitude, and I did not receive any trouble at all in getting reimbursed for the damages. I was pleasantly surprised by Allstate insurance; I actually feared that because I had not witnessed the incident and I had no other witnesses to prove that the events occurred, other than the note that I wasn't going to get paid for the damage done to my car. Allstate’s customer actually confessed to having damaged the car and that made the claims process go far more smoothly than I ever imagined possible. Thank goodness there are still a few honest people left in the world.

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Allstate Insurance

Allstate Background


Alstate is one of the largest Insurance companies in the United States , having its operations in 49 states and Canada. Allstate has been providing auto insurance to more than 17 million households in the United States. Alstate insures one out of every nine automobiles and one out of every eight homes in the U.S., and Alstate is of U.S.'s leading life insurers. There are more than 70,000 professionals selling Allstate's products though out the U.S. Out of the total employees in Allstate, 29.4% are minorities and 58.9% are women.  Alstate named among the 100 best U.S. companies for working mothers and the Best Company for Women of Colors.


Alstate Corporation is one of the largest publicly held personal line Fortune 100 companies with $156 billion in assets.  Alstate went public in 1993 NY Stock Exchange symbol -- ALL). The Corporation is currently holding $27 billion in municipal bonds and more than $250 million in different kinds of community investments. Allstate sells 13 major lines of insurance that includes auto, property, life and commercial. The corporation also offers retirement, investment products and banking services.


Allstate Mission

To be the best - serving our customers by providing peace of mind and enriching their quality of life through our partnership in the management of the risks they face.


Allstate History


Allstate was founded in 1931.  Alstate celebrated its 75th year in business in April 2006.  Allstate has gone through many changes since its inception. 

In 1952, changed its name to Alstate . Through out its history, Allstate made an effort to find a place in the insurance market.  Through fast growth, Alstate offered a "Full Circle of Protection" in many states and moved from auto insurance into personal liability insurance as well as life, health and commercial insurance .


Alstate used scientology principles, in order to train its workers. The materials that were taught was rigorous and, and ruthless devotion had been shown towards productivity. In 1993, Allstate became a public traded company and the initial public offering was the largest in the United States at that time. There has always been an influence of agents in the work of Allstate.  The year 1990 saw the involvement of slogans and the company has been using many advertising slogans, through out its development.  It has been widely known for its slogan "You're in Good Hands with Allstate. The current advertising campaign of the company was adopted in the year 2004 and asks, "Are you in good hands?".


Agents and agency have always been an integral part of Alstate and in this period a group was developed that was referred to as National Neighborhood Office Agents Club. All the agents of Alstate were members of this club and these people were critical of management. Alstate has also been associated with many controversies, such as an accusation that it discourages claimants from engaging different lawyers.


The widely known slogan "The Good Hands Network " traveled around the U.S. and it helped Alstate to expand and grow at a rapid pace through acquisitions and alliances.  The new Alstate Life and Savings reorganized to compete in the ever rapidly changing financial services arena.