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Badger Insurance is a name I have always trusted. I have my car and house insured with Badger Mutual Ins and I could not be happier with their service.

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Posted by: Steve

Badger Insurance


BADGERS was established in 1871, also the year of the great Chicago fire. Many insurance companies were then forced to shut down operations because of heavy losses. Badger Mutual Insurance stayed in business and has continued to grow ever since.

BADGERS INSURANCE Ins as a provider of insurance products is committed to the Independent Agency system as the most effective distribution system for our insurance services.

The company offers quality auto insurance coverage with excellent rates. You can also be assured at Badger you will receive top level customer service. Badger Mutual Ins also provides homeowners insurance and our insurance is available nationwide.

From 1871 to 2008 BADGERS INSURANCE has been a leader in insurance services and we plan on continuing to grow in the future.

Compare Badger Mutual Insurance today.

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