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I have tried 3 different auto Insurance companies here in California the last few years and the lowest rate for my 300Z has been Infiniti auto insurance. I love the low rates and the company has a really nice staff.

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Posted by: Dean

Infinity Insurance



Infinity Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation, is the combination of the Infinity Insurance Companies, Atlanta Casualty Companies, Leader Insurance, Windsor Auto, and Great American Personal Lines companies. Infinity Insurance was formed in December, 2002, and has continued to grow providing outstanding insurance rates coupled with excellent customer service. Infinity Ins prides itself in low rate car insurance. Infinity Insurance Services has a long and successful history of providing insurance products that goes back to 1950. Today, we Infinity Auto Insurance ranks among the top 50 Property and Casualty Insurance companies in the USA.


INFINITI INSURANCE Co is the second largest writer of non-standard automobile insurance policies. Infinity Insurance group provides insurance products through independent insurance agents all over the United States. Infinity Insurance has a proven record of leadership in the insurance industry. We at Infinity Insure all customers including those insurance customers who are free of accidents and those who have difficulty getting coverage due to a record of accidents or violations, their age, occupation or type of car they drive.


Regardless of why you choose INFINITI INSURANCE , we will constantly strive to provide excellent service and protection. Infinity Insurance agency is loyal to their customers. We at Infinity Insurance are committed to giving you affordable insurance coverage, top rated customer service, a world class support, and access to the professional Infinity Independent Insurance Agents that represent our products. Infinity Insurance employees over 2500 people that are located across the USA. Infiniti insurance is there for all of your auto insurance needs.

The main business of Infinity Insurance is automobile insurance, and with this focus we can provide excellent rates and service into the future.


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