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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is a large insurance business that sells insurance policies for auto, home, renting, business, life, in addition to financial services for investing, saving, debt management, etc. Nationwide Insurance company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1925, Nationwide has grown to a very large size, and it ranks among the nation's largest insurers. It offers several different insurance products, but the one I am most familiar with is Nationwide's Auto Insurance. Let's take a closer look at this insurance company and see how its coverage stacks up against the competition: Like many other auto insurance companies, Nationwide Insurance offers several different coverage options to give the vehicle owner more peace of mind. The company offers the usual vehicle damage and repair coverage, along wit liability coverage, uninsured motorists, family compensation, no- fault injury protection, and more. Nationwide's auto insurance costs a little bit more than many other carriers. Part of the reason for the higher price is the Nationwide name itself, and part of it is for the quick response and the years of reliable service that Nationwide has given to its policy holders. A large insurance company typically has a much larger asset base to access, for payment of claims, which makes it (generally speaking, of course) a little bit safer than a smaller company. Nationwide auto Insurance Company has been in the business of auto insurance for a long time, with a solid record for paying claims and keeping customers happy. I have used Nationwide auto insurance in the past and never had any problem with them. I can't complain about the premiums, either. The prices, while a little higher than average, are still fair for what you get. I really like the fact that Nationwide Insurance gives the option of making premium payments monthly rather than semi- annually. When I first became a Nationwide customer, I was young and owned a brand- new car. The premiums, if paid semi- annually, were too much for me to cover in a lump- sum. The monthly payment option was perfect for me at the time because it reduced the needed cash down to a manageable level. I still like this option, and it is now common with all insurance companies. It is much easier to budget money for each month rather than pay a large sum every six months. One of the main reasons I stuck with Nationwide for so long was the friendly service. Mind you, I have never caused a wreck so I have never had to submit a claim. But my other dealings with Nationwide have all been positive. When I first signed up for Nationwide, I was treated much more respectfully than I had been with other carriers. They didn't try to push products on me that I didn't really need and/or couldn't afford. They gladly accepted my business and treated me like an adult. Nationwide is a mutual insurance company. This is significant because it means there are no direct shareholders. The policy holders are considered the "owners" of the company. With no shareholders to satisfy, Nationwide doesn't need to worry that its company will be influenced by certain outsiders who only care about improving the bottom line at any cost. Rather, Nationwide can concentrate its efforts on serving its customers, which it does quite nicely. In all, I like Nationwide auto insurance and would probably still be using them had I not been lured away to Geico (lower cost convinced me to change). I have never submitted a claim, so I can't comment on the company's effectiveness in this area. But I know that Nationwide is a friendly, helpful company that always treated well.

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Nationwide Insurance

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Nation wide insurance is a national insurance leader offering excellent low cost insurance products to millions of valued customers. Nation Wide Insurance is committed to meeting the needs of its customers through quality low cost insurance products and sound financial planning services.



Nationwide Insurance  goes back more than 80 years. On December 17, 1925, the Ohio Farm bureau federation was incorporated as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company based in Columbus.


Within just one year FARM BUREAU MUTUAL- which would eventually become Nation wide insurance had more than 1,000 policyholders


In 1934 Farm Bureau Mutual expanded into life and fire insurance. Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insurance grew rapidly and eventually expanded by buying another large fire insurance company. With the fast growth at Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance, the company decided to move into the famous NATIONWIDE 246 Building in Columbus Ohio. As of 1943, Farm Bureau Mutual sold insurance in 12 states and the District of Columbia.


In 1955, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance changed its name to Nationwide Insurance, which is still use today. In the next 10 years, Nation wide insurance expanded into Oregon, giving Nation Wide Insurance a coast to coast presence.


Eventually Nationwide Insurance Co expanded into 19 other states and in 1965 NationWide Insurance Services did business in 32 states and also the District of Columbia.


Nation wide insurance has continued to grow at a tremendous rate and plans on growing in the future by continuing to offer outstanding insurance products at affordable rates. Nationwide currently offers Nationwide Auto Insurance, Nationwide Life Insurance, Nationwide Home Insurance and other financial services including the Nationwide bank founded in 2007.


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