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I have an old 87 Camaro and I just wanted the cheapest coverage I could find. After calling STATE FARM INS i knew there just had to be a cheaper insurance company out there. A friend told me about SafeAuto Insurance and I am glad he did because the quote was $583 less than State Farm. Thanks SafeAuto Insurance.

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Posted by: Trevor

Safe Auto Insurance



SAFEAUTO INSURANCE Company was founded in Ohio in 1993. Safe Auto Insurance has a special and unique approach to auto insurance coverage, and offers very competitive vehicle insurance rates. SafeAuto insurance services are located in many states including: Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.



SafeAuto's Insurance sells car insurance direct to the consumer and by cutting out the middleman, passes on the savings to customers. This approach has allowed SafeAuto Insurance to grow and Safe Auto Insurance is continuously expanding its insurance services. SAFEAUTO INSURANCE Insurance believes its customers deserve the lowest auto insurance rates available and that is what SafeAuto Insurance delivers.


SAFEAUTO INSURANCE Company specifically specializes in minimum auto coverage. Consumers that are a little tight on their budget can find just the auto insurance they need with Safe Auto Automobile insurance. SAFEAUTO INSURANCE Ins has some of the lowest Car Insurance rates found anywhere.


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