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We had Safeco Insurance for several years. We filed our first SafeCo Insurance claim when a drunk driver hit my son's car, totaling it where it was legally parked. The second SAFECO claim was a fender bender when he backed into a light pole surround in a parking lot, minimal damage. Our monthly premiums then almost doubled. We expected an increase, but doubling seemed to be a bit much. And what is even more bizarre is that the premium on our son's car didn't rise as much as it did on our car which has never been damaged at all. Now we have found insurance with a different carrier with slightly better coverage for only $10 month more than our original premium payments with Safeco. We really do like SAFECO INSURANCE and hated to leave them, but SAFECO INS got a little expensive. Overall though I do recommend SAFE CO INSURANCE COMPANY.

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Posted by: Janet T.

SafeCo Insurance



Safe co Insurance Corporation is a major American national insurance company. Safeco Insurance has the naming rights to the Seattle Mariners' baseball stadium, Safeco Field.


Safe co Insurance services was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1923 as the General Insurance Company of America, a property auto and casualty insurer. This name is still used by Safeco on some of its insurance products. Over Thirty years later, the company founded the Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, or Safe co INSURANCE.



General Insurance's first headquarters were in downtown Seattle at the corner of University Street and Fourth Avenue. General Insurance began to sell life insurance in 1957. Eleven years later the corporate name changed from the General Insurance Company of America to Safe co Corporation. The company would end up changing the capitalization of its name from Safe co to Safe co at the turn of the century. Around the same time the company began to offer mutual funds and commercial credit (though precursors to the Safe co Funds had been around since the 1930's).


In 1997, Safe co bought American States Financial Corporation to expand beyond the West Coast. Washington Mutual's WM Life Insurance Company was purchased the same year. Two years later SAFECO bought R.F. Bailey Limited of London.


SAFECO'S INSURANCE SERVICES has a broad line of insurance products including SafeCo Auto Insurance, Safeco Motorcycle insurance, Teen insurance provided by SafeCo Teensurance, SafeCo Homeowners insurance, and Safecos Umbrella Insurance.


Safe co is poised for future growth through its thousands of quality agents and employees.


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