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"My husband died three months ago and I have yet to receive my death benefits. I have called Combined Insurance 10 different phone numbers, have been cut off, given extentions that don't exist. I am considering getting a lawyer." 2008-04-08

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Combined Insurance


COMBINEDINSURANCE Co of America sells and underwrites a variety of supplemental accident, disability, health, and life insurance products. COMBINEDINSURANCE has a professional sales force of just under 7,000 agents who sell a variety of low premium, low limit accident and health products. 


COMBINEDINSURANCE Worksite Solutions division markets exclusively to businesses. Combined Insurance also specializes in healthcare plans for Medicare beneficiaries. The company targets customers in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. Formerly a subsidiary of Aon Corporation, the company was acquired by ACE Limited in 2008
Combined Ins writes quality supplemental insurance plans that are informative and easily understood to our valued customers.  Combined Insurance was founded
by W. Clement Stone and he had a desire to "make the world a better place for this and future generations."  Recently Insurer ACE Ltd. completed its 2.56 billion acquisition of COMBINEDINSURANCE Co. of America. This new forged relationship will give our customers
even greater customer service and better policies. Combined Insurance currently offers Disability insurance, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance and our combined life insurance.

COMBINEDINSURANCE can also be of assistance with combined auto insurance. Get a combined insurance quote today and compare rates.

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