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Bear River Insurance has been in business for almost 100 years and it is the only insurance company here I trust. I like their rates and they give me the personal attention I need.

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Bear River Insurance



Bear River Mutual Insurance Company is a leading provider of insurance in the state of Utah. At BEARRIVER INSURANCE value counts and BEARRIVER INSURANCE understands that Utah insurance customers demand the highest quality insurance products with the best value available. Bear River Mutual insurance corporation has a long history of excellence.



 BEARRIVER INSURANCE was founded in 1909 by Willard Hansen in Garland Utah. Bear River Mutual ins was named after the beautiful bear river valley.


In 1930 Bear River auto insurance was introduced and in 1950 homeowners or Bear River home insurance was initiated. In addition to Bear River auto and home insurance, Bear River Mutual also offers quality umbrella coverage protection. Bear River insurance has grown tremendously since its humble roots.


Today Bear river is a large diversified insurance company writing tens of millions in premiums. Bear River insurance is poised for future growth and excellence. Get a Bear River insurance quote and compare rates.


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