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Mutual of Omaha insurance covers health, auto, home, and life. Key points to having insurance through this company include: The great Local agents. Although companies like Geico Direct can be easy and affordable, there is nothing like having a Mutual of Omaha local agent that knows you, your business, and your needs. All four agents that I have dealt with were extremely helpful in customizing policies specific to my needs. When looking for a new vehicle, an agent sat down with me and provided quotes for a slew of vehicles based on various years, models, and options so there would be no surprises. Try that with a 1-800 insurance company. Customer Service at the headquarters level is very responsive. A real person answers the phone in short order. *Discounts. Have no tickets? Yes, There's a discount. No accidents, a discount. While most insurance companies do this, Mutual of Omaha has some of the most generous discounts I have seen. Roll a home, life, and auto insurance policy together and a significant discount can be realized. They also have various customer levels (such as Preferred) that can offer potential savings. *Automatic Bank Withdrawal. Mutual of Omaha's automatic withdraw is timely and easy. Any monetary changes to the policy are updated within a day and an updated packet explaining the changes and new charges are delivered to the doorstep within two days, often just one day. In a brief nutshell, its sound insurance. I've never had a claim but I've known people have and they were very satisfied and pleased with the adjusters and the entire process. Responsive people, no complaints and no problems = a good review. Recommended, Oh Yes

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Mutual of Omaha Insurance




MUTUALOFOMAHA, is a fortune 500 insurance and financial services company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1909, the company began as Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association selling comprehensive medical coverage's to minimize individual's liability in the event of an accident or illness.




Throughout the years, MUTUALOFOMAHA Insurance Company grew from a small regional insurer to a large national financial services organization that offers a broad portfolio of individual and group products.


In 1962, the company changed its name from Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association to MUTUALOFOMAHA. Recently, the company ventured into other arenas by exploring new lines of business including Continuum Worldwide, an operational management services and consulting organization, and Omaha Financial Holdings, Inc., the company's banking operation holding company.


Today, MUTUALOFOMAHA provides insurance and financial products for individuals, businesses and groups throughout the United States.


In the individual market, MUTUALOFOMAHA offers life, Medicare supplement, long-term care and disability insurance as well as annuities. MUTUALOFOMAHA Ins also offers employee benefits including life, disability, accidental death and dismemberment and retirement plans. MUTUALOFOMAHA has multiple subsidiaries including: United of Omaha Life Insurance Company: Founded in 1926, this company provides life insurance, pension and annuity products for groups and individuals.


Companion Life Insurance Company: Founded in 1949, this company provides life insurance and annuity products for groups and individuals in New York. United World Life Insurance Company: Through direct marketing and independent agent networks, this company has offered health and accident coverage and specialty life plans since 1983.


MUTUALOFOMAHA Investor Services, Inc. Mutual funds are offered to individuals through the company's agents and Retirement Plans brokers. Continuum Worldwide Continuum Worldwide was started in 2006 and specializes in operational risk management consulting.


Continuum's services include enterprise security solutions, investigative and compliance solutions, business partner assurance, identity and access management, and IT infrastructure solutions. MUTUALOFOMAHA is poised for future growth through its excellent employees and valued customers. Get a MUTUALOFOMAHA rate quote and compare rates.


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