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I got a life insurance policy a few years back with Kanawha Insurance and could not be any happier with their low rates and great service. I would recommend Kanawha Insurance to anyone.

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Posted by: Mark

Kanawha Insurance




KANAWA INSURANCE Company is a now part of Humana. Kanawha Insurance or KMG insurance, formed in 2004 as a holding company. Kanawha Insurance offers comprehensive group and voluntary employee benefit insurance solutions through Kanawha Insurance Company- Kanawha - and health claims services with Kanawha HealthCare Solutions.



The combination of KMG America and Humana will create a stronger market presence and financial strength. KANAWHA INSURANCE has extensive experience in offering comprehensive group and voluntary insurance products. Kanawha has delivered uncompromising service for over 50 years. KMG Insurance America now serves over one million members and individuals across the country.


Kanawha Insurance Co is positioned to grow further in the years to come with superior customer service and dedication to Kanawha customers. Kanawha health insurance wants to be your insurance provider.


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