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I have my home insured with Landmark Insurance here in south Florida and I just love the low rates and happy customer service reps from Landmark Ins.

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Posted by: Lisa

Landmark Insurance




Landmark Life Insurance Company was established in 1964 to provide insurance in the final expense life market. Landmark Insurance had a progressive vision and now Landmark Life now stands as one of America's fastest growing and strongest life insurance companies.



LAND MARK INSURANCE has grown from an initial asset base of only $46,000 to now over $59,000,000. Landmark also serves the reinsurance market, and provides total reinsurance of life insurance companies. Landmark Ins has now created 54 identifiable units of business into Landmark Life's corporate structure. An intensive commitment to sales has contributed to Landmarks insurance growth.


Landmark has specialized product line including Landmark Auto insurance, Landmark Health insurance, Landmark Dental Insurance, Landmark Home insurance and sensible ordinary life products. Landmark has always had a tight focus on Life Insurance. Landmark Life Insurance truly provides superior Life Insurance products. Landmark Insurance is positioned for future growth. Get a LAND MARK INSURANCE quote and compare rates now.



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