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Prudential Insurance has not only provided me with top rate life insurance but also helped me manage my finances over the last 10 years, I would definitly recommend Prudential Insurance.

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Posted by: Mark K

Prudential Insurance



PRUDENTIALINSURANCE Co is a publically traded financial firm (NYSE: PRU). Prudential has many subsidiaries which provide PRUDENTIALINSURANCE, investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States. Prudential Insurance also operates in over 30 other countries.



Prudential's main products and services provided include life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, pension- and retirement-related investments, administration and asset management, and commercial and residential real estate in many states of the U.S. In 1981, the company acquired Bache & Co., a stock brokerage service now operating as a wholly owned subsidiary.


Prudential has organized its principal operations into the Financial Services Businesses and the Closed Block Business. PRUDENTIALINSURANCE has a long history of excellence. PRUDENTIALINSURANCE was started in Newark, New Jersey in 1875, Prudential Financial, as it is known today, was originally called the "Prudential Friendly Society" and was founded by John F. Dryden, who later became a U.S. Senator. It sold one product in the beginning, burial insurance.


Today PRUDENTIALINSURANCE continues to grow and is poised for future excellence.



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