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I loved the rates I got from Wawanesa Life Insurance. I used to be a smoker and I thought my life insurance rates would be sky high but Wawanesa proved me wrong with a great low insurance quote and friendly service. I would recommend Wawanesa Mutual Insurance.

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Posted by: Jonathon

Wawanesa Insurance




WAWANESAINSURANCE Company was originally founded as  farmers mutual insurance carrier in 1896 in Wawanesa, Manitoba Canada.  WAWANESAINSURANCE was incorporated in May of 1929.   Wawanesa insurance services expanded into the United States and oficially/legally formed under the laws of California in May of 1974.  Funding for the US operations were derived from a contribution of the Canadian parent corporation, The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company.

The first WAWANESAINSURANCE Policy was written in the USA in April of 1975.  The Wawanesa USA division is headquartered in San Diego, California where marketing, underwriting, claims processing, and policyholder services are all done  WAWANESAINSURANCE in the United States currently writes policies in California and Oregon where it is licensed. 


WAWANESAINSURANCE markets a broad array of preferred and personal Lines of auto and Home insurance directly to the consumer.  Wawanesa Mutual Ins has grown through the years by relying on its valued customers referring new business to Wawanesa.  By keeping marketing costs low, Wawanesa mutual Insurance Corporation has passed savings onto its customers. 


Wawanesa Insurance Corporation offers low priced auto insurance as well as homeowners, and condominium Insurance.  Private Passenger Auto and Physical Damage ins coverage policies are written at preferred-risk rates which are below standard manual rates.


Compare WAWANESAINSURANCE rates and save.


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