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I used to have my auto insurance but recently I switched to foremost and now I save about 15% on my insurance bill.

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Posted by: Nathan

Foremost Insurance



Formost insurance is a national insurer with a focus on Specialty insurance. Foremost Insurance Services is now the leading specialty insurer in the United States. Formost makes sure its customers get the policies it needs at the rates that are unmatched.  



Formost Insurance Company was founded in june of 1952.  At that time although mobile homes were inexpensive nobody insured them.  Foremost Insurance stepped into the market initially by insuring travel trailers.  In 1961 Foremost insurance group introduced the first policy specific to travel trailers. 


Today Formost Ins has greatly expanded and in 2000 Foremost insurance began offering motorcycle and offroad insurance policies.  In 2003 Foremost Insurance began insuring boats.


At Foremost Insurance customer service is paramount.  Foremost Insurance provides constant friendly customer service and fast claim settlement.  Formost has positioned itself for an exciting prosperous future and will continue to grow in the years to come. 


Compare rates today and save.


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