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Just like the name says SPEED INSURANCE is speedy and I got my insurance ID card in about 15 minutes. I loved the hometown service SPEED INS provided and I would recommend Speed Insurance.

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Posted by: Roy

Speed Insurance

Speed Insurance Company


Speed Insurance Agency is an independent insurance company that sells personal lines of insurance and also assists in financial planning. 

Speed Insurance was founded by Carl Speed in 1981.  Speed Insurance is managed by Carl and his son Wade Speed. 


Speed Insurance Services was built on integrity and it has been named one of the  "Best Practices" agencies in the United States by the Independent Insurance Association of America.


Speed Insurance has grown through the years and In 1996 Speed ins opened  Hammond Financial Management Group, Inc. to serve customers financial planning needs.  In 1999,  Speed Insurance joined forces with Raymond James Financial Services. 


Speed Insurance has positioned itself now to handle large insurance transactions and can handle a broad array of insurance needs.  Speed Insurance offers-


Speed auto insurance-  Rates unmatched


Speed Life Insurance-  Speed Insurance will find you the right coverage


Speed Home Insurance-  Insuring your home is crucial and Speed Insurance offers fantastic home insurance rates.


Speed Insurance plans to continue to grow. 


Speed insurance of course offers free quotes. Compare rates now and save.


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