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I have the best service with Freeway Insurance and the rates are right in line with my tight budget.

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Posted by: Buck

Freeway Insurance


Freeway is a specialty insurance firm specializing in fire and casualty insurance.  Freeway is a licensed insurance broker in the state of California.


FREEWAYS is famous for giving California residents outstanding auto insurance coverage at affordable rates.  FREEWAYS has some of the most competitive auto insurance rates anywhere in California.  FREEWAYS  can get customers full coverage auto insurance and FREEWAYS INSURANCE also can insure high risk drivers at good rates.

FREEWAYS  has been in business for over 20 years and today is one of the largest auto insurance agencies in California. FREEWAYS Services has always brought customers supreme service at low auto insurance rates.

FREEWAYS is committed to quality and sound business ethics. 

Get a Freeway Auto Insurance quote and compare rates.

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