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I have had Allstate for about three years and I was really happy when they gave me no trouble processing a claim involving the vandalism of my car. When I was shopping with my daughter one day, someone maliciously ran a sharp object down both sides of my car. It looked like the car had been keyed from bumper to bumper! I was furious and I thought for sure that my car insurance wasn’t going to cover all of the damage. To my surprise, I filed a claim with Allstate and the claim was processed super fast, and while the coverage of my policy didn’t cover every cent: the amount I had to pay out of pocket was really minimal. My car was professionally repainted with little agony involved in getting the job done and now it looks as good as new. I can’t tell you how much better I feel because I opted for vandalism coverage.

Cov:5 Cost5 Serv:5 Claim:5

Posted by: Rick

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