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Allstate Is a Total Letdown

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I don't have Allstate insurance and I am darn sure glad I don't! Last year I got into a collision with a driver that actually had Allstate insurance and I can't believe the way the insurance company adjusted my claim. Even though their client was at fault for the accident and I had a witness that attested to that fact, the company still would not pay for 100% of the damages to my vehicle and instead offered 85% of the cost for all the damages. I tried talking to them and being reasonable believing that someone had to be rational in this situation but they had concluded that I could've made more of an effort to avoid the accident, even though there was no way I could've, and therefore I must take part of the blame. Allstate left me totally disgusted and I feel cheated! Even when their client was clearly in the wrong and I envisioned a fairly hassle-free claims process, I was let down by the company in a huge way.

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Allstate Insurance

Allstate Takes a Stand on Significant Issues

Allstate's Advocacy Campaign


Serving as a consumer advocate - and an advocate for the American economy - is an integral part of Allstate's 75-year heritage. In the 1930s, Allstate was one of the first companies to create a sophisticated rate classification system, giving better rates to safe drivers; in the 1950s Allstate opened its first drive-in claim office, revolutionizing the way automobile claims are handled; in the 1960s the company helped convince the government to make seat belt use mandatory; and in the 1970s and '80s Allstate played an instrumental role in advocating the safety benefits of air bags.


As an industry leader, Allstate continues to take a public stand on issues that are important to the insurance industry and consumers.


The company's advocacy advertising campaign is designed to broaden awareness on significant issues:

Preparing and Protecting America from Catastrophe -- Recent hurricane seasons have caused unprecedented damage and impacted millions of Americans throughout the Gulf Coast and Florida. In addition, earthquakes pose an enormous threat. In the United States about 5,000 quakes can be felt each year. America needs to be better prepared. Preparing and protecting America from catastrophe is larger than Allstate and even larger than the insurance industry. That's why Allstate is supporting a coalition called


The Role of Insurance in America -- As a leader, it is Allstate's duty to be transparent and address common misconceptions about the insurance industry. Therefore, the company is taking a stand on topics including the true value of insurance, how insurance is priced, and the critical role insurance plays in the economic growth and development of our country.


Teen Driving
Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens in America. This represents a chronic public health issue that has yet to find a high enough place on the national public health agenda. The Allstate Foundation is committed to identifying and implementing new approaches to raise awareness of this issue and ultimately, help lower the number of teen driving fatalities and injuries. To learn more visit


Retirement Funding
Nearly 80 million Americans will be entering their golden years in the next two decades. Unfortunately, many of these people will outlive their savings. How will our nation make sure its citizens have enough money to retire? As a financial services leader, Allstate is taking a stand on this issue that is not only pertinent to the industry, but critical to the livelihood of our country. Allstate believes that government, business and individuals should all play a role in helping to avert a potential retirement savings crisis.