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I got term life Insurance for the first time and I am so glad the company I called was Stonebridge Life Insurance. The sales agent helped me so much and explained the different optional life insurance policies. I got a great policy at a great rate, thanks STONEBRIDGE LIFE INSURANCE.

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Posted by: Jim

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Summary: I have used Farmers Insurance for 30 years...Lynn Broaderwater is the Rochester MN agent. I have been very satisfied with all services received on autos (and home). I have never had a major collision claim. Most have been small: mirror glass, window glass breakin/minor theft, hail hood damage, deer hit, minor kid car hit (they helped us avoid a larger claim and insurance increase), fender damage. While that seems like lots of small things it's over 30 years and 15+ cars. We have also had good luck with a few tows needed using their 800FARMTOW service on older cars that did not have new car coverage.

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