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Just like the name says SPEED INSURANCE is speedy and I got my insurance ID card in about 15 minutes. I loved the hometown service SPEED INS provided and I would recommend Speed Insurance.

Cov:2 Cost3 Serv:2 Claim:3

Posted by: Roy


Terrible company. I'm currently an excluded driver on the policy and the entire experience being an exluded driver with this company is horrible. I share the care with my parents, and when I was heading off to school I asked Amex to take me off the policy. The representative said they would, but on the next statement the premium included my rate in it! So in addition to charging the time that I was driving, they charged an additional 3 months premium (after I was no longer driving and was told that my name was already being excluded from the policy). And when I called them to confront them about it, they said they couldn't do anything about the additional costs because it was already set into their computers. It took tons of calls before I got the additional costs off. But that's not all. I'm currently home from school, and I wanted to add myself temporarily onto the policy again. But they just wouldn't do it unless I stay off as an excluded driver! My friend is doing the same thing with AAA, and he had no problems with it! Terrible company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: Maryland
Customer since: 2005

Coverage: 3   Cost: 3   Customer service: 4    Claims: 5

Posted by: Cheryl