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I called MetLife when I turned 28 for quotes on car insurance. I have a few friends who have MetLife insurance for their auto's and stated they felt they were getting good deals on their auto rates. Boy, did I correct them!!! Upon getting in touch with MetLife Insurance, I received a very helpful customer service/sales representative. Too helpful for my liking. I can understand wanting to make sure that your clientele has the insurance coverage they need but enough is enough. For people to pay huge premiums due to carrying a large amount of medical expenses on themselves when their work insurance will cover it is ridiculous in my opinion. The sales rep was also pretty presistent that I needed to add some life insurance to the auto insurance so that I could take advantage of a 5% discount. The figures there didn't balance as well. Once I finally got down to where I could get a realistic quote from the sales rep, I was apalled. They wanted to charge me $1085 every 6 months for coverage on my car (a Mazda 626 at the time). I didn't pay those kind of rates when I was 21 and on my own policy. Since this was a large sum of cash that I didn't feel like having to save for, I asked about monthly payments and found out that Yes, you can make monthly payments, for a $5.00 a month processing charge. After checking around, I realized that Nationwide Insurance still had the best rates for me and that I would continue to use their service. With Nationwide Ins, I insure two new vehicles for $632 every 6 months, total coverage with all the bells and whistles. I also have had many friends switch to Nationwide and realize they were paying an astronomical amount for auto insurance with MetLife. Skip MetLife Ins

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Posted by: Sam

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