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Sentry Insurance has been with my family for over 20 years now. I couldn't think of insuring my home and car with any other firm. Sentry Insurance establishes trust with their customers and also has great rates. I would recommend SENTRY INSURANCE.

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Posted by: Modine

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CENTRY INSURANCE has always been loyal to its policyholders.  This policy has made CENTRY INSURANCE into a billion dollar mutual Insurance company.  Sentry Insurance which for years has been famous for its Minuteman statue logo, offers a wide variety of insurance products.


CENTRY INSURANCE offers life insurance, group health, auto insurance, and other property/casualty lines. Sentry Mutual which is fully owned by its policyholders, offers coverage through several subsidiaries.


CENTRY INSURANCE Services also provides specialized insurance to businesses of all sizes, including manufacturers and retailers. The firms Sentry Equity Services offers mutual fund services through its Sentry Fund. Formerly named Hardware Mutual, Sentry Insurance was founded in 1904 to provide insurance to members of the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association.


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