State Farm Sues Customers


This story is based on actual events. After my wife and I tried to settle her personal injury claim with State Farm Insurance approx. 5 years ago because of an auto accident. We finally gave up and decided to hire a so-called "expert" personal injury attorney. He told me "Be careful what you write, these State Farm attorneys could use it against you in court!" "Boy, was this guy ever right!" We went to court about 3 months ago and the first thing State Farm Attorneys brought up was the statements I wrote nearly five years ago to the claims adjuster.

For the past 5 years State Farm Investigators had taken my original statements and had completely dissected word for word these documents which they used against me in court.

Somehow the State Farm attorneys used this simple little statement against my wife and I in court. I have to admit these guys "were good". Our present attorney was so confused that he didn't know what was going on? Most likely because he did not have the resources that State Farm Insurance had. He immediately jumped up and said "Your honor could I have a word?" After my attorney talked to the judge, the jury was dismissed and our FINAL third courtroom attorney dismissed this case the very next day.

Apparently, State Farms attorney's, investigators and legal department had spent years tearing apart my original statements I originally wrote to them, word for word. However, this one particular statement was brought out during our during deposition, our attorneys did not seem to think too much of it? Most likely, because I had sent State Farm so many statements like a fool after the accident. The claims adjuster didn't seem to mind? And I wonder why? My wife was in pain and we were flat broke as a result of this accident. I was completely frustrated.