Idaho Facts and Trivia


The Cataldo mission is the oldest building in the state. 


Blackfoot is home of the Eastern Idaho State Fair.


Hell's Canyon is the deepest gorge in America.


Kuna is known as the Gateway City to the Birds of Prey Natural Area. 


Pocatello is home to Idaho State University. 


Post Falls is known as Idaho's River City.


The Dworshak Reservoir is over 50 miles long. The Dworshak Dam is in Orofino. 


Saint Stanislaus Church, in Rathdrum, is the oldest brick church in the state of Idaho.


The city of Grace in the Gem Valley is most famous for their certified seed potatoes. 


During the 1860s an Oregon Shoreline Railroad base camp called Boomerang was constructed in Payette. 


The economy of Idaho City originally developed around gold mining in the 1860s.


Downey's first mercantile store, the W. A. Hyde Co., was built in 1894.

Idaho's world famous hot springs are located in Lava Hot Springs. 


Shelley has been the home of the Idaho Annual Spud Day since 1927. 


The Treasure Valley area around Nampa is known as Idaho's Banana Belt. 

On August 8, 1905, Kimberly auctioned city lots for prices ranging from $100 to $750. 


Sun Valley is recognized as the home of America's first destination ski resort. 


Weiser is Home of the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest.


Under Idaho law only two forms of city government are allowed: a mayor/councilor or a council/manager form. 


The "Idaho Enterprise" published its first issue on June 6, 1879 and is one of the oldest weekly publications in Idaho.


Lewiston is located at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. The elevation is 738 feet above sea level. 

Rigby is known as the birthplace of television since it is Philo T. Farnsworth's hometown. Farnsworth pioneered television technology.


Seven Devils' Peaks, one of the highest mountain ranges in Idaho, includes Heaven's Gate Lookout, where sightseers can look into four states.


Annually Mountain Home Air Force Appreciation Day boasts presenting the largest parade in Idaho.


Idaho ghost towns include Silver City, Yankee Fork, Gold Dredge, and the Sierra Silver Mine. 


Birds of Prey Wildlife Area is home to the world's most dense population of nesting eagles, hawks, and falcons.


Anderson Dam is known for its blue-ribbon fly-fishing. 


Sawtooth Mountain/Sawtooth National Recreational Area was named for its jagged profile.

Shoshone Falls, The Niagara of the West, spills over a 212-foot drop near Twin Falls.   


In Idaho law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. 


Bruneau Canyon Overlook offers a view into a 1,200 foot-deep, 800-foot-wide river canyon. 


Bruneau Dunes State Park contains North America's tallest single structured sand dune. It stands 470 feet high. 

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